How to Find the Coefficient in the Pascal Triangle?

Answer 1 row 0 1 1 row 1 1 2 1 row 2 1 3 3 1 row 3 1 4... Read More »

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How to Calculate Pascal's Triangle?

While it may look like a simple triangle, trying to figure out Pascal's triangle is not an easy thing for anyone but the most experienced mathematicians to do on the spot. Pascal's triangle is a tr... Read More »

Pascal's Triangle Middle School Activities?

Pascal's triangle is a difficult concept to grasp at the beginning. At first glance it appears a large diagram filled with random numbers. With a methodical approach and guided activities, students... Read More »

How to Find and Use Vintage Versions of Turbo Pascal?

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How to Find the Coefficient of a Variable?

Variables are like plastic shopping bags: they can be big or small, depending on what you put in them. Take the equation y = x + 1. If you put 7 in place of the x, y becomes 8. If you put 1,000,000... Read More »