How to Find the Closest Internet Host?

Answer You may think finding a closer Internet service provider will give you a quicker internet connection. This is not the case. The speed of your Internet service provider (ISP) depends on how the sign... Read More »

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Who or what is an untrusted internet host?

Here you are clear as mud!In networking lingo, spoofing means pretending to be something you are not. Mail Spoofing is pretending to be somebody else in email .IP Spoofing is pretending to be someb... Read More »

How to Clean Win32 Generic Host Internet?

If you get a gray error message pop-up on your computer screen along with an Internet connection that suddenly shuts down, this may indicate a Win32 Generic Host issue. The error occurs if the regi... Read More »

Does iPod Touch show Internet history to the host?

The Ipod Touch can show the Internet browsing history to the person using the iPod Touch. To see the Internet history, open the Safari browser on the iPod Touch and press the bookmark button. Selec... Read More »

Windows internet explorer message-cannot find file:///' make sure the path or internet address is correct?