How to Find the Brush Menu on Picasa?

Answer Picasa is a program available from Google that allows you to edit and upload photos to the Internet. If you have photos on your computer that have blemishes or imperfections, you can touch up the p... Read More »

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Can someone find something vegan on this menu?

bruschetta or hummus (as long as no cheese), vegan tomato bisque, meatless stir fry so not much but let the server know you're vegan and then can take out any cheese or meat and make substitutions

Where do i find "my computer" in start-up,and or menu?

If you click on start than it should be towards the top of the left column. Once you see it you right click on it and 'properties' should be at the very bottom of the drop down list. Once you click... Read More »

How do I find the menu bar on Adobe Reader?

Menu Bar Display for PCFor a PC, press "F9" to toggle the menu bar display between hidden and visible.Menu Bar Display for MacFor a Mac, press "Shift"+"Command"+"M" to toggle the menu display betwe... Read More »

Where can you find the connectivity menu on an lg optimus?