How to Find the Average of a Group of Numbers?

Answer Finding the average in a group of numbers is pretty easy, and is taught in elementary school. But, as all things, it can be easy to forget to do something you haven't practiced in a while, so why n... Read More »

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How to Determine the Average of a Group of Numbers?

Finding the average of a group of numbers, also called the arithmetic mean, allows you to approximate the central tendency of a group of data. Arithmetic means are used in many applications, such a... Read More »

How to Find the Range & Domain of a Group of Numbers?

A function is an algebraic formula where x and y are substituted for numbers to create a curved line on a graph. The domain (y) of the function is the set of numbers that work as an input for that ... Read More »

How do I find the average of a set of numbers?

Calculate the total value of the numbers in the set by adding them together. For example, if the numbers 1, 2 and 3 comprise the set, the total value is 1 + 2 + 3, or 6.Divide the total value by ho... Read More »

How to Find an Average From Several Numbers?

Averages are important because they indicate the middle value of a set of data. The average, also called the mean, of a group of numbers follows the same method no matter how many numbers there are... Read More »