How to Find the Area of a Square When Cut By a Diagonal Line?

Answer A square has four identical sides connected by four right, or 90-degree, angles. When a straight line diagonally crosses the square, one of the shapes the line creates from the square is a triangle... Read More »

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How to Find the Area of a Square With a Diagonal Inside?

Not all diagonals of squares measure the same length, but they do all keep the same proportions when compared to their respective squares. A square's diagonal bisects the shape, cutting the square ... Read More »

How to Find a Diagonal of a Square?

The diagonal of a square not only connects its opposite vertices, or corners, but also divides the square into two identical right isosceles triangles. Because of this geometric shape transformatio... Read More »

How to Find a Square's Side Using Its Diagonal?

When a diagonal is drawn into a square, the shape takes on the properties of other geometric figures. A diagonal is an interior line segment within a polygon that connects opposite corners or verti... Read More »

How can i find the area of a square?

I'm not trying to repeat what everyone else said, but it is what everyone else said. It is LENGTH TIMES WIDTH.Everyone is so smart! Just like me. JK (not that I am dumb)l:o)