How to Find the Area of a Shape?

Answer Here is how to calculate the area of a regular shape (square and rectangle only) and a irregular shape. 1. is the square and rectangle and 2. is the irregular

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How to Find the Area of a Cone Shape?

Cone shapes are composed of a circular base and a pyramidal top. Cones are often used for markers such as traffic cones or cones on a practice field to tell players where to go. The surface area of... Read More »

How to Find a Surface Area of a Shape?

Knowing how to calculate the surface area of a shape can come in handy. As an example, for birthdays and the holidays, knowing your present's surface area will let you determine how much wrapping p... Read More »

How to Find the Area From a Composite Shape?

Geometry is filled with methods for finding areas, even for composite shapes. A composite shape, also called a composite figure, is composed of other common and basic geometric shapes. An everyday ... Read More »

How to Find The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face Shape?

Eyebrows are very important features on your face. With it being the perfect shape for your face, it will improve your overall appearance. You will have to look at your own face shape to determin... Read More »