How to Find the Area of a Region Using a Graphing Calculator?

Answer Graphing calculators are capable of many operations besides the obvious feature of drawing graphs. Scientists, mathematicians and students can also use graphing calculators to solve equations and c... Read More »

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How to Find the Cotangent on a Graphing Calculator?

In trigonometry, the cotangent is the reciprocal of the tangent. The formula for determining the tangent is the opposite side divided by the adjacent side of a triangle. So, since the cotangent is ... Read More »

How to Find X & Y Intercepts on a Graphing Calculator?

Using a graphing calculator is a fast and effective way to identify the X and Y intercepts of a function. Using the built-in tools allows you to find the intercepts without doing the algebra.

How to Find Intercepts on a Graphing Calculator?

Intercepts represent the places where an algebraic graph crosses an axis on the coordinate plane. An x-intercept refers to the point where the graph crosses the y-axis while a y-intercept refers to... Read More »

How to Find an Exponential Regression Using a Graphing Calculator?

Sometimes, you will be given a series of points and want to find an exponential equation without having to resort to algebra. Here's how to use your calculator to find the regression.