How to Find the Area of a Region Using a Graphing Calculator?

Answer Graphing calculators are capable of many operations besides the obvious feature of drawing graphs. Scientists, mathematicians and students can also use graphing calculators to solve equations and c... Read More »

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How to Find an Exponential Regression Using a Graphing Calculator?

Sometimes, you will be given a series of points and want to find an exponential equation without having to resort to algebra. Here's how to use your calculator to find the regression.

How to Find the Minimum and Maximum Points Using a Graphing Calculator?

Big math test coming up? Need to find local minimums or maximums? Not to fret! Easily find the minimum or maximum point of any non-linear equation using a graphing calculator.

How to Convert to a Vertex Form Using a Graphing Calculator?

The graph of a quadratic equation is a parabola or U-shape. Depending on whether the parabola opens up or down, it has a minimum or maximum value. In either case, the minimum or maximum spot is cal... Read More »

How to Plug in a Degree Sign Using a Graphing Calculator?

The degree sign is useful for angle notation on a graphing calculator. Using the degree sign indicates to the graphing calculator that the number being entered represents an angle, no matter what m... Read More »