How to Find the Area, Volume & Perimeter?

Answer Perimeter, area and volume are essential mathematical building blocks for higher mathematical functions including geometry and calculus. Perimeter is the distance around an object, area is the amou... Read More »

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How to Find the Area of a Square Using Its Perimeter?

A square is a figure with four equal length sides, and the perimeter of a square is the total distance around the outside of the shape. Calculate the perimeter by adding all four sides together. Th... Read More »

How to find the area and perimeter of the figure?

area is the length multiplied by the width the perimeter is the length +width+length+width

How to Find the Area & Perimeter of a Square on a Coordinate Plane?

Finding the area and perimeter of figures on a coordinate plane combines the properties of coordinate planes with the properties of geometric figures. After you understand the process of using the ... Read More »

How to Find the Volume & Area of a Rectangle?

A rectangle has four sides and four right angles, which means the both pairs of sides will be parallel. However, the pairs of sides can be of different lengths --- unless the rectangle is a square,... Read More »