How to Find the Angle of a Right Triangle?

Answer Right triangles are three-sided shapes containing a 90-degree angle. The unique shape of right triangles is the star in several mathematical theories, including the Pythagorean theorem. It is commo... Read More »

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How to Find the Third Angle of a Triangle?

Very often you will find you know two angles of a triangle but not the third. So what do you do if you need that third angle? Read on to find out.

How to Find the Base of a Right Angle Triangle?

A right triangle, which is one with a right or 90-degree angle, shares the same properties as other triangles. Its area is still one-half the product of the base and height, but instead of height b... Read More »

How to Find Triangle Angle Measurements?

The sum of the three angles in a triangle always equals 180 degrees. The triangle may be right, isosceles, acute, obtuse, equilateral or scalene, yet the sum of all the angles is still 180 degrees.... Read More »

How to Find the Angle of a Triangle Using Trigonometry?

Basic geometry teaches that the sum of the angles of any triangle must equal 180 degrees, so if you know any two angles, it's a simple matter to find the third. However, the world of mathematics pr... Read More »