How to Find out if Someone Has Passed Away?

Answer Death is always a grim subject and many are very reluctant to talk about it. This article will show you how to keep up to date without being insensitive or forceful.

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How do you find if someone who has passed away had any insurance policies?

Hopefully the deceased person kept records or told someone about any policies that they may have had. Otherwise there is no national database to provide that answer for you. You might look at their... Read More »

Any songs bring back memories of someone who has passed away?

Mike and the mechanics, "In the living years".…Yeah, I miss my Dad.

What causes that ache in your chest when someone has passed away or something similar.?

I had that feeling too when my dad died. I just attributed it to my heart being broke. There is so much love and bond there that a piece of it is taken when someone close to you passes away.

How to Find Out if Someone Knows Your Secret Without Giving It Away?

It's tough when you find out that your trust in your friend was misplaced. Follow these steps to find out if someone has been told your secret without giving it away.