How to Find out if I Am Being Sued in California in Small Claims Court?

Answer Though you must be served with a summons if you're being sued in a small claims case in California, it's possible to miss the summons and be unaware that you're part of a court case. Small claims a... Read More »

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California Small Claims Court Rules?

A small claims court is a court in which a person sues and the hearing is concluded quickly without a lot of money being used in the process. The procedures are less formal than in ordinary courts... Read More »

What is the monetary limit of a small claims court in california?

The small claims court gives individuals and businesses a quick and inexpensive way to settle disputes. In general, the limit for each claim in California is $5,000, but this amount varies dependin... Read More »

Who pays court costs in small claims court?

When a small claim is initiated, the fees are normally paid for by the plaintiff (the person making the claim). If the plaintiff wins the case the cost is recoverable; if he loses, then he will los... Read More »

What is a small claims court?

Small claims court is a court that handles cases between two parties as long as the monetary value of the case is under a certain amount. The judge determines the outcome of the case based on the e... Read More »