How to Find out Whether a Girl Loves You or Is Just Being a Good Friend?

Answer Want to know if that girl likes you for real or is just being a good friend? Read on.

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How to Stop Being Seen As Just a Friend by the Girl You Like?

Before you continue reading, bear in mind that if a certain girl thinks of you as a friend she's pretty much a lost cause. See the tips section about using her as a friend. Now read on and avoid ma... Read More »

Would you send a friend request on fb to someone u hate just to see whether they accept it or not?

Probably not. It would be a waste of my time..

If you got a girl pregnant and you love her to death and she says she loves you just as much but she thinks you wont last long because of other people outside of the relationship?

Answer When you mention other people, I'm not sure if you mean threats to your relationship or people wanting the relationship to end. If it's the first one, maybe there is some reason in the past ... Read More »

My friend just won a scholarship to med school only to find out that she's pregnant?

Wow, what a dilemma. The decision is hers and hers alone. Either way, she is going to be left with a long list of what ifs and if onlys. She really needs to think this through. I don't know what ad... Read More »