How to Find out What Your Kid Want for Xmas Without Directly Asking?

Answer Kids can be really hard to shop for when it comes to Christmas and birthdays. So, without directly asking, and then giving away the surprise of the present, finding out the perfect gift is challeng... Read More »

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Roommates got internet/cable without asking me and I don't want to split the bill, is that ok?

It sounds perfectly reasonable, but I do not know on what terms you signed up to. On decisions about joint finances all parties should be in agreement. This is unfair.

How to Find Someone's Tickle Spot Without Asking Them?

Do you want to find out someone's tickle spot, but they won't tell you? This article will help you out with that little problem.

If you want to have sex where can you find a girl and how can you sneak into a store to purchase condoms without your parent's knowledge and get your parents out of the house long enough to have it?

Things to Consider First, ask yourself how the girl's dad might take to you having sex with his daughter and what actions he might take against you, both legally and otherwise. If he is or has ever... Read More »

How to Paint Your Bedroom Walls Without Asking Your Mum?

Painting your bedroom walls without your mother's permission is a very easy and fun thing to do, but you need to be aware of the consequences. You may get yelled at or get grounded, maybe nothing w... Read More »