How to Find out What Type of Memory a Computer Needs?

Answer Random-access memory (RAM) is a standard component of a computer's data management system. The amount of RAM installed on a computer will have a significant impact on a computer's ability to proces... Read More »

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How do I find a computer's memory type?

PC UsersIf using a PC, right-click on the "My Computer" icon and left-click on "Properties." Select the "General" option from the properties menu. If your RAM type is not displayed on this window, ... Read More »

How do I find the type of physical memory on a computer?

Open ComputerShut down the computer. Turn the computer on its side. Unscrew the side door from the back of the computer using a Phillips screwdriver. There are several screws that hold the door in ... Read More »

How to Find the Type of Physical Memory on a TE Computer?

Checking the exact type of memory on your computer utilizing TE-type DDR2 memory will enable you to know what type of memory you should purchase when upgrading the machine. Locating this is as simp... Read More »

How to Find the Memory Type on Your PC?

Every PC has something called RAM, random access memory. RAM works in conjunction with your hard drive and other system components to allow you to open and run programs. Every program you have open... Read More »