How to Find out What Kind of Learner You Are?

Answer Many children world wide are faced with the sensational gift of education. But in a time when the latest gossip is the most important thing, studying can be put on the back burner because of its la... Read More »

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What is a tactile learner?

The term tactile, or kinesthetic, refers to a way of processing information that often makes it difficult for students to learn. These individuals retain information more easily when given a hands-... Read More »

What kind of fossil did I find?

On One Hand: Common Identification ProblemsAmateur collectors often misidentify fossils as bones because they have a horn or bone-like shape. Indeed, there are a number of common fossils that have ... Read More »

How to Find Out What Kind of Transmission Is in My 92 F-150?

The ninth generation of Ford F-150 trucks debuted in 1992. With an all-new exterior and several interior upgrades, the new F-150 was significantly different from its eighth generation predecessor. ... Read More »

What is a learner-centered classroom?

A learner-centered classroom focuses on the individual educational needs of its students. Learner-centered classrooms combine the experiences of the students with the best educational practices. Th... Read More »