How to Find out What Clique You Belong To?

Answer Do you pass all the cliques at your school and not no which one you belong to? Do you feel like you don't belong? Read on.

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What kingdom do plants belong to?

What kingdom do manatees belong to?

Five kingdoms of life are used to divide living organisms; the moneran, protist, plant, fungus and animal kingdom. The animal kingdom is scientifically known as kingdom "anamalia." Manatees belong ... Read More »

In what phylum do earthworms belong?

Earthworms belong to the phylum Annelida. All creatures in the Annelida class have segmented bodies. This phylum consists of two classes: Polychaeta and Oligochaeta. Earthworms belong in the Oligoc... Read More »

What continent do Vatican belong?

It returns because the shape of it and if you throw it corretly and it will return