How to Find out How Long Your Linux Computer Has Been on For?

Answer This tutorial will show you how to find out how long your Linux computer has been on for using a Terminal.

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How to Find out How Long Your Computer Was On?

Have you ever left your computer on for days and wondered if your computer was dangerously on for more than weeks? Or maybe you're just curious? Here's how you can find out. This has only been test... Read More »

What is the documentation that specifies which computer manufacturers and models Linux has been successfully?

Linux Hardware Compatibility List

What is the Linux command to find how much RAM is in a computer?

In order to determine the free and used memory information for your system in terms of RAM, the command to use would be "free." To confirm the total RAM size, use the "/proc/meminfo" command.Refere... Read More »

Can you find out when you've been on the computer!!?

Both of these sites should help you, they are very detailed. Just follow the steps.