How to Find and Graph Horizontal Tangents?

Answer Find the horizontal tangent line when working with certain kinds of graphs, such as those of hyperbolas or circles. This line, by definition, will touch the graph in only one place, and it has a sl... Read More »

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How to Graph a Vertical & Horizontal Line?

A graph is composed of a y-axis and an x-axis, and a line can be placed on the graph accurately by plotting the correct points. Linear equations involving y or x can be formulated in order to plot ... Read More »

How to Find Tangents in Circles?

The tangent to a circle is a straight line that stands flush against the circle's circumference. Rather than intersect the circle, the tangent makes contact with it at a single point. A circle can ... Read More »

How to Find Coefficient of Friction on a Horizontal?

The frictional coefficient is the ratio between a moving object's weight and the frictional force that slows it down. Some surfaces offer more friction than others. A tire on dry concrete has a fri... Read More »

How to Find the Horizontal Base of a Triangle?

Triangles are extremely common shapes, found both on their own and within larger shapes. Therefore, being comfortable with triangle calculations is critical to an understanding of geometry. Many of... Read More »