How to Find and Download Keyboard Layouts That Type in Any Language?

Answer This article will show you how to add different keyboard layouts to your computer.

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How to Type Foreign Language Characters with an American Keyboard?

If you need to type in Western European languages besides English, you will need to produce special characters and diacritics. Some familiar examples are German umlauts (ü) and eszet or sharp S ... Read More »

Why QWERTY keyboards are more common than other keyboard layouts such as Dvorak or AZERTY?

1.Barbara Blackburn's achievement of 212 wpm using a Dvorak keyboard in the Guinness Book of Records in 1985. More widespread knowledge only came about in the mid-1990s when operating systems start... Read More »

Where can you find Layouts for your Gaia Profile?

Here are some:……

When i type with my keyboard, whenever i type a "c" it doubles and so it wil say, for example: ccool answer?

try seeing if it gets stuck when you press it. and if that doesn't make it go back to normal than press the letter c down and see what happens.