How to Find an SAT Score?

Answer SAT scores are a key part of being accepted to college. You can access your scores and have them sent to colleges in any of three ways. The information is always available to you, even if you took ... Read More »

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How to Find Your I.Q. Score?

An IQ (Intelligence Quotient) score allow you to compare your intelligence to that of a combined group of people taking the same test. The score you receive on an IQ test will be ranged generally f... Read More »

How to Find the T-Score?

A T-score is used in statistics to determine if a result obtained from a small number of tests (a sample) is an accurate representation of all the results (the population). It tells how far away th... Read More »

How to Find the Z Score on a TI-83?

Z score is a representation in statistics of the amount of standard deviations data that is above or below the average. Calculating the z score by hand can be time-consuming and complicated, but it... Read More »

How to Find Your MAT Score?

The Miller Analogies Test (MAT), is often requested by graduate education programs for admission. The test is run by the Pearson company and is a standardized, one-hour test consisting of 100 quest... Read More »