How to Find an Oil Plug?

Answer The key to finding an oil plug is to locate the oil pan on your car. Oil plugs are inserted into the lowest part of the pan in order to allow the oil to flow freely from it when performing routine ... Read More »

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How to Find Oil Drain Plug?

Finding the oil drain plug on your vehicle is the first step to changing your engine oil, oil filter or drain plug gasket, which should be part of your regular maintenance schedule. This should be ... Read More »

Phone jack plug in to find wire?

What's it worth? There are several versions, check out your big box home improvement stores. On that shows up is this…Ideal, GC products?, Progressive/G... Read More »

How to Find Where Spark Plug Wires Connect?

Spark plug wires are important components of your vehicle's ignition system. They ensure that the spark is reliably delivered from the ignition distributor to each spark plug, located above each cy... Read More »

How to Find Out Which Spark Plug Wire Goes to Which Cylinder?

If the spark plug wires on a vehicle are not marked before they are removed, you must know the firing order in order to know which spark plug wire goes to which cylinder. Because every vehicle is d... Read More »