How to Find an Object While Blindfolded?

Answer Amaze your friends when your blind-folded friend manages to find the pocket watch!

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How far can you hit a cantaloupe with an unbrella while blindfolded?

Two feet, but in my defense, it was a really crappy umbrella.

How to Find the Inertia of an Object?

Inertia of an object is the resistance offered by the object to change in its motion or position. The inertia is directly proportional to the mass of the object or to the velocity if the object is ... Read More »

How do I find the density of an object?

MassPlace the object on a balance or scale to get an estimate of its mass by determining its weight. Large objects (buildings, planets) that cannot be weighed often have masses associated with them... Read More »

How Do You Find the Slope of an Object?

Slope occurs when there is one side of an object that is higher than the other side. In mathematical graphs, slopes are either negative, similar to going downhill; positive, similar to going uphill... Read More »