How to Find an Idol?

Answer Have you ever felt like you needed someone to look up to? Someone that is a role model, an idol? This article may help.

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Which Idol started first Asian Idol or American Idol or Australian Idol and etc?

It was in the UK and it was called Pop Idol.That is true, but out of all of these, it was American idol. Its first episode was in 2000. Australian idol aired just a year after in 2003 and Asian ido... Read More »

Where can you find American idol at?

You need to go to goggle an find your answer! Also you can go to

How to find out number of votes for American idol?

you go on that is how you find how how many votes there are o ya to change the votes the password is sing so vote for ADAM he is HOT so pick him assholes

Where can you find recaps of previous American idol season finales?

There are a lot of ways. If you have something like dish you can record all of it. Or you can go on youtube. As soon as the show is over thusands of people put it on youtube. I know theres more way... Read More »