How to Find an Idea for a Children's Story?

Answer So you've sat down and decided to write a story for children. The problem is, you've no idea what to write about! Reading this article may give you a few ideas. If not, at least it got your mind wo... Read More »

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What is the name of the 80's childrens programme where a man used to tell a story and he had what I thought was a magic box?

Purple (or Dark Blue): Tinky-winkyGreen: DipsyYellow: LalaRed: Po

What was the childrens story programme presented by a man and a woman with guitars?

The only one I can think of remotely like this was the Land of Hatchy-Milatchy ( pronounced exactly as it is spelled) this was set in some sort of magical park and had two Girls ( at the least teen... Read More »

What was 90's childrens tv programme with children being told story by woman with red teapot and sock puppet?

it was in the teletubbies when they showed little random clips in the teletubbies tummies, she was my favourite

How to Get an Idea for a Story?

Writing a story is difficult for many to accomplish, and finding inspiration for ideas is even harder. If you're stuck and about to give up, this article will offer some hints and tips on getting t... Read More »