How to Find an F150 Airbag Control Module?

Answer A Ford F150's air bag control module is in the truck's Supplemental Restraint System's central computer. The module governs all the air bags within the truck, and it also interacts with the system ... Read More »

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What is an airbag control module?

The airbag control module (ACM) is the mini-computer that determines whether to deploy the airbag in the event of an accident. It draws data from multiple sensors and decides if the circumstances w... Read More »

How to Disable an Airbag Control Module?

Whether it's for replacing an airbag after an accident or just to customize your car, sometimes you have to remove an airbag control module. This isn't that difficult to do, but it is dangerous wit... Read More »

How to Reset an Airbag Control Module?

The airbag control module in your vehicle controls the function of your airbag. If your airbag control module is malfunctioning or has failed, then your airbag may deploy at an inopportune time or ... Read More »

Where is the location of the airbag control module on a'96 taurus?

An airbag control module (also known as sdm, sensor, derm, brain or computer) for a 1996 Ford Taurus is located in the center of the dashboard, above the heater. There are several models that will ... Read More »