How to Find an Equation Given a Table of Numbers?

Answer Sets of points on a line are sometimes expressed in tables of x- and y-values. If you have a table of values for a linear equation, you can plot these ordered pairs to get an approximate sense of t... Read More »

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How to Choose Numbers to Plug Into a Linear Equation?

When graphing a linear equation, you can count on the equation behaving the same way for all numbers on the graph, and on it forming a straight line. However, it's important that you plug in a rang... Read More »

My mom bought me an end table for my living room. Where can I find a good deal on a start table?

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How to Make Your Own Table Numbers?

Formal receptions usually require seating arrangements. Table numbers can help guests find their assigned seats quickly. Professional printers will print the table numbers for a fee, but you can ma... Read More »

Factoring Table for Numbers 60-100?

A "factor" is a number that divides evenly into another number. For instance, 3 and 4 are both factors of the number 12, because 3 and 4 divide evenly into 12. A "factoring table" is a chart that l... Read More »