How to Find an Electrical Short or Blown Fuse in an Auto?

Answer When you experience an electrical problem with your car, such as your radio or lights not working, check the fuses before taking the car into an expensive mechanic. Fuses protect these electrical d... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot an Electrical Short Circuit in an Auto?

Understanding and repairing wiring problems in an automobile can be learned through experience. The ability to use a volt or an ohm meter and basic electrical tools is a needed skill. The process o... Read More »

How to Find an Electrical Short on a Mitsubishi?

If you Mitsubishi is experience issues with the radio not working properly and the interior lights not functioning, it may have an electrical short. Hard to find, electrical shorts are a nuisance a... Read More »

How to Find an Electrical Short in Your Car?

Having problems with a short circuit in your car? Using this method will help you find which circuit has the problem. First, disconnect the positive cable to your battery. Second, using a 12 vol... Read More »

How to Replace a Blown Car Fuse?

Replacing a blown car fuse is an inexpensive, simple repair. If you're experiencing any electrical problems with your car, such as failed headlights or taillights, look to your car's fuse box befor... Read More »