How to Find an Account and Routing Number on a Check?

Answer The American Bankers Association (ABA) assigns routing numbers to banks and other financial institutions. A nine-digit number, it is used to identify which financial institution the check was drawn... Read More »

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How to Read the Check Account Routing Number?

Banks use various series of numbers to manage accounts and fund information. On every check by a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) approved bank is a nine-digit number assigned to financ... Read More »

How to Check a Bank Account Number for a Routing Number?

Banking accounts, whether savings or checking, have a designated account number. This number is unique to specific banks and is often accompanied by a transaction or check number as well as a routi... Read More »

How to Find Out My Routing Number to My Bank Account Online?

The American Bankers Association issues banks and other financial institutions ABA routing numbers. The numbers, in use since 1910, identify the agency responsible for a certain financial transacti... Read More »

Where can I find the routing number on a check?

The routing number is a nine-digit number, located on the bottom left corner of the front of a check. The account number and check number are also located on the bottom of checks, to the right of t... Read More »