How to Find a Wheel Lock?

Answer Using a wheel lock can prevent expensive automobile rims from being stolen. This simple device uses a special lug nut requiring a unique key to remove the rim from the car. Many high-end cars and r... Read More »

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I am always forgetting to lock my locker after I leave school. Where can I find a fingerprint-scanning lock?

fingerprint scanner or not, it won't lock itself.

How to Break a Wheel Lock?

Most of the cars on the road today have many additional protections than previous generations of automobiles. One of those protections is the installation of steering wheel locks. A steering wheel ... Read More »

How to Remove a Wheel Lug Lock?

Wheel lock nuts are a type of nut that is used to prevent a thief from stealing the wheels from a vehicle when it is unattended. You only need to use one lock nut on each wheel, to prevent it from ... Read More »

Reasons for a Car Wheel to Lock Up?

Steering wheel columns are built with many different parts, including collars and dent springs. When any debris gets into the column or when a part malfunctions, the steering wheel can lock up and ... Read More »