How to Find a Wheel Lock?

Answer Using a wheel lock can prevent expensive automobile rims from being stolen. This simple device uses a special lug nut requiring a unique key to remove the rim from the car. Many high-end cars and r... Read More »

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I am always forgetting to lock my locker after I leave school. Where can I find a fingerprint-scanning lock?

fingerprint scanner or not, it won't lock itself.

How to Take Off a Steering Wheel Lock?

The steering column in your car contains a lock plate that prevents the wheel from turning with the car turned off. This plate is behind the wheel within the steering shaft. If you need to remove t... Read More »

How to Break a Wheel Lock?

Most of the cars on the road today have many additional protections than previous generations of automobiles. One of those protections is the installation of steering wheel locks. A steering wheel ... Read More »

What Causes the Steering Wheel to Lock Up?

Losing control of your car's steering is a terrifying experience, one that can lead to a crash with horrific consequences. If this happens to you, then you must try to bring your vehicle to a stop ... Read More »