How to Find a Vacuum Leak With Propane?

Answer Abnormal idling of your car's engine may indicate a vacuum leak in the engine's intake manifold. You can use a propane torch to determine if that's the case. Although the thought of using propane t... Read More »

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How to Find a Small Vacuum Leak?

Vacuum lines that develop small holes or cracks can affect operation by changing the internal pressure necessary for optimal performance. Vacuum lines have what is termed a "negative air flow," mea... Read More »

How to Find an Engine Vacuum Leak?

Engine vacuum leaks are notoriously difficult to find, but their symptoms are all too apparent. The most common problems associated with a vacuum leak are lean fuel burning and engine idling. This ... Read More »

How to Find an Auto Vacuum Leak?

Pinpointing a vacuum leak can be difficult, since so many of the devices used on today's cars and trucks are vacuum-operated under the hood, and deciding where to start can be confusing. The most ... Read More »

Could a propane leak be very dangerous?

It sounds like one or more pilot lights went out.Shut off the gas valve to the oven.It should be behind it.Just follow the flexible hose till you find the valve and turn it 1/4 turn clockwise.Or un... Read More »