How to Find a Used Class B RV at Class C Prices?

Answer A class B RV is in between a truck camper and a full-sized RV. They have just as many facilities as some class C RV's, but are cheaper. They also get better fuel mileage. If this sounds like someth... Read More »

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Can a class 2 trailer be used on a class 1 hitch?

A class 2 trailer can be pulled on a class 1 hitch, as long as the gross trailer weight and tongue weight don't exceed class 1 limits. Gross trailer weight maximum for a class 1 hitch is 2,000 pou... Read More »

How Do I Get First Class Plane Tickets for Coach Prices?

It is possible to enjoy the luxuries of first class travel at coach prices. Many airlines offer discount first class tickets for domestic and international travel, but they are not always available... Read More »

What is the difference between petty officer 1st class and 3rd class in the coast guard?

A third class Petty Officer (PO) is an E4.Second class PO is an E5First Class PO is an E6.Chief PO is an E7Senior Chief PO is an E8andMaster Chief PO is an E9Hope that helps

What is the difference between class two&class four micro sd cards?

Different SD cards have the same general shape and size, making it is hard to tell the difference between one and the other unless you look closely. SD cards have different speed classes. SD cards ... Read More »