How to Find a Thermostat?

Answer Finding a thermostat in an engine can sometimes be a confusing task, with so many similar looking parts under the hood. The thermostat is the temperature calibrating metal piece of the engine that ... Read More »

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How to Find and Replace the Engine Thermostat?

The engine thermostat tells you if your car is running hot or cold, and is critical to maintaining your vehicle in proper working condition. You can save a trip to the repair shop, not to mention a... Read More »

How to Find a Thermostat in a Chevy Blazer?

Has the heat stopped working in your Blazer? Or, is it overheating? The problem could be your thermostat, a relatively easy to find (and replace) part that's fairly inexpensive.

Is there an easy way to find whoch thermostat to buy knowing what terminal wires I currently have?

You will want to look for thermostats specifically designed for a split system (separate power sources for heating and cooling). Most thermostats that support heating and cooling are made to accom... Read More »

My furnace won't start up when my thermostat is showing it should be on Its not thermostat, got a new one?

If you don't understand equipment, find someone who does and or call a heating and air repair company. The problem could be any number of things. You have already wasted money on the thermostat t... Read More »