How to Find a Tap Harmonic on the Guitar?

Answer Ever write a solo or a song, but it sounds boring? Well there is a way to add more zing to your song or solo or both, and its very easy to do. Here's a technique that is heavily used and perfected ... Read More »

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How to Play an Artificial Harmonic on the Electric Guitar?

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How to Play a Natural Harmonic Minor Scale on Guitar?

Minor scales come in three main varieties, the natural minor, melodic minor and harmonic minor. This scale shares the same notes as it's relative major counterpart, so for example, C major and A na... Read More »

How to Do a Pinch Harmonic (false Harmonic or Squeal)?

Learning to recreate sounds on your guitar that you hear in songs, can be difficult. The "squeals" guitars sometimes make is call a "pinch harmonic." Here's wikihow to do a pinch harmonic (false ha... Read More »

How to Find a Guitar Teacher?

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