How to Find a Strange Odor in a Room?

Answer An odor is a chemical substance that moves through the air in the form of a gas. While some odors are pleasant, there are also bad odors, such as a baby's diaper or a full litter box, and when you ... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of a Musty Odor in a Room?

Old houses have a lot of character and history. Unfortunately, they also sometimes have a very distinct “old” smell, which most people categorize as musty. Mold, humidity, lack of ventilation i... Read More »

How to Remove Fish Odor From a Room?

Sniff sniff. Ew! That disgusting smell of fish is a real turn off, whether it be in the bedroom or guest room. It's also incredibly embarrassing if a guest walks in; they might think you live like ... Read More »

Did you ever find it strange....?

When I look at this subject the thing that comes to my mind is two kinds of people, the person that looks in the mirror and sees only their flaws. Then I think of the one that thinks that they hav... Read More »

Did you ever find it strange...?

I have always thought of this. Like when you look in the mirror it is just a reflection. And pictures, it depends on how the light is shining on you. Your face changes so much. I really understand ... Read More »