How to Find a Side of a Triangle in Geometry?

Answer Geometry is the study of shapes, both two dimensional and three dimensional. A triangle can have three sides of any length as long as each end of each side touches the ends of the two other sides. ... Read More »

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How to Find Angles in an Isosceles Triangle for High School Geometry?

For a triangle to be an isosceles triangle, two of its three sides must be the same length. Because the two equal sides intersect identically with the third side, two of the triangle's angles also ... Read More »

How to Find the Length of the Side of a Triangle?

Triangles are two-dimensional shapes that are characterized by three sides. Whether you are a high school student in geometry class or an architect attempting to outline a building, finding the le... Read More »

How to Find the Side Length of a Right Triangle?

Working with the sides and angles of a triangle are a large part of learning math and geometry. A right triangle is one that has an angle of 90 degrees, meaning the two shorter sides are perpendicu... Read More »

How to Find the Shortest Side of a Triangle With Vertices?

A triangle is a geometrical figure that has three sides. Several rules and theorems govern the relationship between the sides, angles and vertices of a triangle. In geometry, the shortest side of a... Read More »