How to Find a Short With a Multimeter?

Answer One function of a multimeter is to check for continuity. Continuity is the transfer of an electrical charge from one end of a wire to the other. If the wire lacks continuity, it has a "short." A sh... Read More »

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How to Find a Short in a Car?

Electricity travels in a circle called a circuit. A short circuit, often called a short, is defined as one that allows the electricity to travel along a different path than the one originally inten... Read More »

How to Find a Short in Wiring?

Have a wiring short in your vehicle? I will show you how to quickly locate the problem and what your options for repair are.

How to Find a Short in 14/3 Wire?

An electrical short in your home can lead to electrocution or fire. It is important to correct an electrical problem immediately after finding it. A short is typically caused by a loose connection ... Read More »

How to Find an Electrical Short in Your Car?

Having problems with a short circuit in your car? Using this method will help you find which circuit has the problem. First, disconnect the positive cable to your battery. Second, using a 12 vol... Read More »