How to Find a Self Tanner for Darker Skin?

Answer Sunless tanners are very popular nowadays. Forget lying in the sun or spending hours in the tanning salon—all you need to do is apply the tanner to your skin. Even more importantly, you minimize ... Read More »

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Does self-tanning lotion make skin darker?

On One Hand: If You Have Light SkinSunless tanning lotion will make your skin temporarily darker if you have light skin. Light skin is that which visibly darkens in the sun, although a more common ... Read More »

How to Get Tanner Faster With Self Tanner and Tanning Beds?

Having a tan makes most people look better. It gives them a healthy glow, and naturally slims the body. However it can take a while to build up a good tan, especially if the weather is unreliable. ... Read More »

How to Fix a Self-tanner?

Self-tanner is a safe and healthy way to achieve that golden-bronze hue, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation. Unfortunately, as with any beauty regimen, mistakes happen. Self-tanning mistakes t... Read More »

How to Apply Self Tanner?

Self tanner is a great way to get that healthy glow of laying out in the sun without actually having to. For years people have know that the sun is bad for them and causes skin cancer. It is for th... Read More »