How to Find a Router's External IP Address?

Answer Routers designed for homes and small businesses feature two networking interfaces. The external, or incoming, interface connects to the Internet connection device, such as a cable or DSL modem, wit... Read More »

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How do I find an external IP address?

Open a web browser and navigate to a website that displays external Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (see Resources). Look at the result under "IP Information" or "Your IP Address". The numbers dis... Read More »

I am having two routers and two links termineted on the routers respectively. How shouls i load balance traffi?

First it’s very difficult to load balance in such situation where your both links are terminated on two different routers.Next you need to look at your ISP side, where they have connected your li... Read More »

Do wireless routers emit harmful radio waves what is a safe distance from routers to ensure i'm not harmed?

Radio waves from your router are harmless. It is a much lower power than a Cell Phone, so don't worry. (They have not banned Cell Phone use yet).Good luck and Happy Computing!

How can I find out my routers user name and pass word?

Try the instruction provided in this discussion:… could reset the router and reconfigure it.