How to Find a Reputable Breeder of Great Danes?

Answer Bringing a Great Dane into your life is a big decision. Not only are Great Danes very big dogs, but they often have health problems such as hip and neck diseases, cancer and neurological disorders... Read More »

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How to Find a Reputable Dog Breeder?

Simple Guide on how to find a good breeder.

How to Care for Great Danes?

Lots of prospective dog owners might think canines only need food, water and some daily attention. Great Dane owners, however, find that providing for these large dogs can be more challenging than ... Read More »

About Ear-Cropping Great Danes?

Cropped ears are not natural in Great Danes. The practice of cropping the ears of Great Danes began to prevent them from being damaged by wild boars during a hunt. Eventually, cropped ears became c... Read More »

What Are Great Danes Supposed to Eat?

Originally bred to hunt boar, Great Danes have long legs, square heads and coat patterns of brindle, fawn, harlequin, gray or black. Great Danes average 30 inches at the shoulder and reach heights ... Read More »