How to Find a Relative?

Answer You need to find a long lost relative? Easy! Follow the steps and you'll have contact to any lost relative!

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How to Find the Relative Age of Rocks?

Geologists determine the relative age of a rock by examining the nearby rocks, minerals or rock inclusions, index fossils and the original position of the rock layers. According to the United State... Read More »

How to find the relative minor key?

To find the relative minor of any major key, start with the name of major key and count to the sixth note of that scale. For instance, from the key of G major:1 2 3 4 5 6G A B C D E. T... Read More »

Is There Any Way I Can Find a Relative for Free?

Research and perseverance are key to finding relatives for free. Although you might hear of someone simply going online and locating a relative, it might require a bit of digging and patience.

What do you do if you find out a relative is a pedophile?

if there a pedo don't let them babysit your children report them to the police and cut off any contact with them and make sure your children stay way away from the person who's a pedo! I think you ... Read More »