How to Find a Rabbi for Your Interfaith Wedding?

Answer The Jewish intermarriage rate is 50%, and finding a rabbi to officiate at your interfaith wedding can be difficult, because most rabbis consider intermarriage a threat to the future of Judaism.Here... Read More »

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How to Choose a Rabbi to Officiate Your Wedding?

Jewish weddings are noted for such traditions as the "chuppah" (wedding canopy), the "ketubah" (marriage contract), and the groom's breaking of the wine glass to symbolize the fragility of relation... Read More »

How to Handle an Interfaith Wedding?

It’s perfectly normal to fall in love with a woman or man of different religion. Love knows no caste, religion or bars. The language of love unites people together in marriage, but communities an... Read More »

You have one year to live, tops you find out 5 days before your wedding Day, Do you tell your spouse?

Yes.ALWAYS live AUTHENTICALLY no matter what!!To me, what would be far worse (than telling my fiancée) would be living in fear and less than I am, and then find a cure, etc, realising that I had... Read More »

How to Find a DJ or a Band for Your Wedding Reception?

Anyone who is getting married might be facing the task of hunting down either a DJ or a band for the impending nuptials. Whether it's just for the reception, or for parts of the ceremony, rehearsal... Read More »