How to Find a Quartile for an Eight Number Set?

Answer You can find the quartiles of an 8-number set of values to determine how the values are distributed throughout the set. The three quartiles divide a set of values into four equal parts and make it ... Read More »

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How to Find the Upper Quartile?

Quartiles break down data into four groups based on the results. The upper quartile equals the highest 25 percent of scores. For example, on a standardized test, the upper quartile would be the 25 ... Read More »

What Are Quartile Values?

When you have data on a numeric variable, such as height or weight, you can order those data from smallest to largest; you can also look at measures of central tendency -- where the middle is, esse... Read More »

How to Find the Square Root of a Number That Is Rounded to the Nearest Number?

The square root is based on the idea of a number divided by a number that will equal itself. A number times itself is also called the the square. The square root is an important math concept that h... Read More »

Getting many Text Messages from a nameless number. Number is 446-36. Any idea who it is or how to find out ?

The below is taken from You could try texting "STOP" without the quotation marks to the number 44636 or use the support section on there website.4INFO's comprehensive suite of mobile se... Read More »