How to Find a Quartile for an Eight Number Set?

Answer You can find the quartiles of an 8-number set of values to determine how the values are distributed throughout the set. The three quartiles divide a set of values into four equal parts and make it ... Read More »

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How to Find the Upper Quartile?

Quartiles break down data into four groups based on the results. The upper quartile equals the highest 25 percent of scores. For example, on a standardized test, the upper quartile would be the 25 ... Read More »

How to Find a Grade Eight Graduation Dress?

It's your final year in middle school and you can't wait to get to high school! Only one thing is standing in your way: your graduation dress. Here's how to find it!

What Are Quartile Values?

When you have data on a numeric variable, such as height or weight, you can order those data from smallest to largest; you can also look at measures of central tendency -- where the middle is, esse... Read More »

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US Military troop strengths are and have always been classified.