How to Find a Polynomial's Function From a Graph?

Answer Polynomials are equations made up of terms that involve variables and exponents, e.g. 3x^3 - 4x2 +6x - 8. Math problems that ask you to solve a polynomial want you to use methods such as long divis... Read More »

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How to Graph Rational Polynomials?

Polynomials in school algebra usually have exponential terms. This means that there will be an "x^2, "3x^3," or similar term somewhere in the formula. The polynomials that you graph are usually giv... Read More »

How to Graph Polynomials by Hand?

With ubiquitous technology, almost all graphing is done by computers, making our lives very simple. However, it is possible to graph univariate polynomials by hand (and mulitvariate polynomials for... Read More »

How to Graph Fourth Power Polynomials?

In precalculus, you will be asked to graph fourth power polynomials, as a way of giving you a math "workout" that flexes your graphing skills. Fortunately, graphing these polynomials, which are of ... Read More »

How to Factor Function Polynomials?

A factorization of a polynomial is a series of polynomials that yield the original polynomial when multiplied together. A factorization is complete if all its terms cannot be factored anymore, i.e,... Read More »