How to Find a Pitch With Just Your Voice?

Answer Ever just see a note and you cannot find your pitch. Read the article to find out how to with nothing but your voice.

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When you listen to your voice recorded, do you find it funny and ugly, or is it just me?

Your voice sound different to you because you here the voice that resonates in your head, but when it is records and played back you aren't actually speaking so you can hear your voice as it sounds... Read More »

How to Change Your Voice Pitch?

Many people wonder whether their conversational tone of voice is too high or too low - each person's vocal pitch is different. It is impossible to change your natural tone of voice - there are ways... Read More »

How to Raise Your Pitch Without Using Your Head Voice?

The greater your vocal range, the more versatile a singer you are. There are songs in all genres that require a singer to hit stratospheric notes with ease. Your head voice, or falsetto, is at the ... Read More »

Can i raise the pitch of my voice?

Probably yes, to a certain extent. You would need to do voice lessons. Think about all those people who can impersonate different voices.