How to Find a Parking Spot on Campus?

Answer Finding a parking spot on a crowded college campus is close to impossible if you don’t know the right places to look. Even then you need to plan ahead.

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How to Use the Google App Open Spot to Find Parking?

Google Labs has just released a new Android app that aims to help users find and share parking. The app, called Open Spot, gives users the ability to update a map when they are leaving their parkin... Read More »

Parking Lot Handicap Spot Specifications?

Handicap-accessible parking spaces are mandated throughout the United States by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This federal law was introduced in 1991 and includes a number of provisions rela... Read More »

PPL Double parking from a handicapp spot?

Hi, I'm not sure what state you live in or if it even matters but in my state, that is totally illegal and yes cars can be towed away.You could also check with your local police department or munic... Read More »

I was pulling into a parking spot and the car to my left opened the driver door, i hit it, who is at fault?

In most states, if it happened on private property it is a civil matter. I would say it is their fault because they did not wait for you to pull in to the stall before opening the door, In any cas... Read More »