How to Find a New Home for Your Guinea Pig?

Answer There are many reasons why you may need to rehome your pet guinea pig. This article will help you to find out what to do with your guinea pig safely in a responsible and ethical manner

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How to Guinea Pig Proof Your Home?

Guinea pigs enjoy chewing and they will have a feast on things in your home if you let them. This article provides some ideas for you to consider when seeking to guinea pig-proof your home.

How to Make Your Guinea Pig Happy Without a Second Guinea Pig?

You may think your guinea pig is not happy without a little buddy. If you follow these steps, he or she will be happy!

How to Make Home Made Guinea Pig Treats?

Tired of buying treats for your guinea pigs? Well, now you don't have to! Here is a great recipe for guinea pig treats that piggies just love.

How to Find Your Home on a Satellite Map?

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