How to Find a Negative Co-terminal Angle?

Answer Angles sometimes share more than just degrees. An angle measured within the four Cartesian quadrants is in the standard position if the angle's vertex is at the origin and one side of the angle, ca... Read More »

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How to Find the Length of the Angle Bisector With 2 Sides and One Angle?

figureThis has been by K.Jayaganesh all alone.This is the Jayaganesh Theorem.This can be used to find the length of the angle bisector by the 2 sides not intersected by the angle and the angle invo... Read More »

How to Disconnect the Negative Battery Terminal?

If you've read a vehicle service manual, you've probably noticed the first step is usually "Disconnect the negative battery terminal." This is a safety procedure; it must be done when you are worki... Read More »

Why Would a Negative Battery Terminal Melt?

Cable connections for battery terminals are relatively simple, but problems can occur that will cause electrical shorts to melt a negative terminal. Fortunately, the solutions are usually simple as... Read More »

Where is the negative battery terminal in a 1996 Lumina?

Automobile batteries are designed and constructed with positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. A 1996 Chevrolet Lumina battery negative terminal will be marked with the negative symbol (-). Depe... Read More »