How to Find a Military Veteran?

Answer Imagine the delight of your military father, brother, sister, mother, grandfather etc. when you tell them you have contact information for someone who was in his unit that he fought with some 30 ye... Read More »

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Does everyone that serves in the military become a veteran?

In the strict definition, yes; but for benefit status, not necessarily. Only those who are discharged under honorable, medical, or certain administrative discharges are considered veterans in the e... Read More »

Is President Obama a military veteran?

No, Barack Obama spent those years in school. He graduated from Harvard, first in his class, as a lawyer.

Who was the last World War 2 veteran who retired from the military?

Captain (Ret.) Earl Fox enlisted in the Navy in 1942 and retired from the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps in 1999, although he had actually had a break in service from the end of the wa... Read More »

Is the child of a veteran eligible for entrance to a military base?