How to Find a Metaphor in a Sentence?

Answer A metaphor is a type of figurative language. It enables the speaker to convey a deeper meaning or a specific connotation of a word by comparing two things that are not logically related. Metaphors ... Read More »

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The sky is an endless blue sea. Is this sentence a metaphor?

How to Find Nouns & Verbs in a Sentence?

Sentences are groups of words containing a subject and a predicate. It also may contain an object, which comes after the verb in a sentence. Subjects and objects can be nouns while the predicate is... Read More »

How to Find Verb Tenses in a Sentence?

Verb tense denotes time in writing, expressing when an action occurs. In English, there are many verb tenses, most of which are very complex. However, there are six basic verb tenses that are essen... Read More »

How to Find the Main Sentence in a Paragraph?

A topic sentence supports a paper's thesis, and it indicates the direction the rest of the paragraph will take. (See Reference 3.) Some paragraphs may have more than one main sentence, because the ... Read More »