How to Find a Labyrinth?

Answer A labyrinth is not a maze, because, unlike a maze, a labyrinth has no branching moments where a right or wrong decision can be made. Labyrinths are low-walled or flat, so that the center is visible... Read More »

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How to Draw a Labyrinth?

Labyrinth designs are fun and can be used as puzzles, logos, and decorative art, just to name a few. This article explains the process of drawing a labyrinth; as long as you're patient, it's actual... Read More »

How to Meditate in a Labyrinth?

Kyirong Labyrinth Ontario, drawing by MargheritaFor thousands of years, human beings have created the spiral paths that fold back on themselves within labyrinths for reasons ranging from decoration... Read More »

When does labyrinth 2 come out for iPhone?

Yes, and unlocking it allows you to use other service providers.

How to Get Past the Labyrinth in Poptropica?

"Poptropica" is an online game targeted at school-age children that combines gaming with strategic learning. One of the worlds in the game is called "Mythology Island" and uses creatures and storie... Read More »